Hello boys, my name is Helen. You probably know me better as the queen of LB-69. I like to think it"s my pretty face that you love so much, but I know it"s my throbbing 8 inch cock, isn"t? Well I don"t mind, it makes me hard thinking about one of you lucky fellas licking up a huge, gooey white load. Don"t worry, none of my lovely cum will go to waste, if you aren"t man enough to lick me clean I"ll lick it up myself. You can watch me in all of my hottest videos collected in one spot - my very own, brand new website. Cum inside and say hi!

Ladyboy Helen Episodes

Mirror Toy

Being a Buddhist, I don’t care much for material possessions, I don’t need much to make me content in life, as long as l have my health, my hung hard-ons and a collection of kinky sexy toys, naughty outfits, the occasional fuck buddy, and lots of guys starring at me in the process, I’m very very happy.. Take today for instance, I decided to stay in with just a slinky open backed cocktail dress, a pair of stilettos (naturally), an 8 inch life like dildo and a mirror to watch myself in, and it turned out to be a very fulfilling day.. In fact I ended up with nothing at all.. Naked, bent over the desk with the fuck toy buried deep in my tight ass.

Bed Shoes

Did you know, I used to be a showgirl for a famous ladyboy cabaret show? I still love to dress up in my stage costumes and show off my body, although now I prefer the shows to be XXX rated!.. Cum watch me dancing in my tasselled panties and bra, 5 inch black stilettos, feathered head gear and platinum blonde wig. But be warned, this isn’t your ordinary every day cabaret show, with me it’s ALL or nothing, and the more revealling and kinky the better! I’ll do whatever it takes to get you hard and horny, I’ll strip off down to my heels, fuck all kinds of stuff in my tight ass and stroke my large lady dick. And I won’t let you leave without cuming with me first!

Big Surprise

I hope you like surprises, I know I do! Getting hit on by straight guys every time I’m out on the streets, I’m used to seeing horny men with surprised and hungry looks on their faces. And I received a similar surprise today when my latest dildo arrived – a 12 inch meaty vibrator. Mmmm.. I didn’t take long to get on the bed and whip off my lace top, short skirt, and skimpy panties, so I’m left on all fours in my sheer black nylon stockings and classy black heels, with a huge erection, staring (and drooling) at my new dildo.. But this really is a monster fuck toy and I’m going to need your help if we’re going to slide all this cock up my tight shaven back pussy!

Pure White

I think you’ve seen enough of my kinky side, playing with fuck toys, showing off my body and wanking myself silly, it’s time I showed you the purer, softer side to Hung Helen, don’t you agree? It’s not like I’m a full time 24/7 nymphomanic..Who am I kidding? I may be dressed in this innocent white princess teddy, but there’s nothing pure or innocent about the thoughts on my mind. Once I know I’m being watched by like minded kinky guys I can’t wait to slip out of this dress, parade my fit and firm body, spread my lingerie clad legs and let you enjoy my smooth shaven balls and ass pussy, before grabbing my raging hard-on for a not so innocent white conclusion!


Welcome to Hung Helen’s Gentleman’s Club. I’ll be your hostess with the mostess, Miss Hung Helen.. How do you like our club uniforms? A maid style bra top that gives you full view of my hot tanned midriff, a mini skirt designed to lift and reveal our trademark G string at every possible moment, and the compulsory fishnet stockings which run all the way from my 5 inch stiletto heels, along my firm calves and fit, chunky thighs.. I’m here to serve your every desire and order. But there’s no need to speak, let me read your mind and strip down to just my stockings, spread my legs wide and show you some of my talents with a tub of lube and my new 8 inch bobbled vibrator..

Bath Cum

Hello boys, cum into my bathroom, one of my favourite play rooms, where I love to get things steamy and clean and polish my thick monster ladyboy cock.. You’ll see I’m a VERY BIG voyeur and love being watched by hard and horny guys during my most intimate moments.. Once I drop my bath robe around my ankles, slip into the soapy water and start lathering up my long, smooth legs, I’m sure you’re attention will be drawn to my proudest feature. No, not my juicy pert breasts that I know you just want to suck on, or my firm bubbly butt, which I know you’re dying to grab and spread wide.. We both know what you really want and it’s hanging long and stiff between my legs..


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